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Video: The Rise and Fall of Apex Legends Ranked — How hackers became the true Apex Predators

[brid video="840442" player="25910" title="The%20Rise%20and%20Fall%20of%20Apex%20Legends%20Ranked%20How%20Hackers%20Became%20the%20True%20Apex%20Predators" duration="997" description="Since late 2020, hackers, cheaters and even teamers have swarmed Apex Legends' ranked game mode, often rendering it near impossible to play.In Apex Ranked, they roam high tier lobbies, stopping Predator, Master and even occasional Diamond games from functioning.And a game mode that should be the perfect outlet for a players' competitive juices is now staring down the barrel of irrelevance.So here is The Rise and Fall of Apex Legends Ranked. " uploaddate="2021-08-05" thumbnailurl="//cdn.brid.tv/live/partners/19254/thumb/840442_t_1628177501.jpg" contentUrl="//cdn.brid.tv/live/partners/19254/sd/840442.mp4"]