Dragon's Dogma 2: How to find the Nameless Village in DD2
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A mission you can take on for Captain Brant in Vernworth is called “The Nameless Village,” and it requires you to visit a secret location that might hold some information on the False Sovran in DD2. Apparently, the False Sovran has been seen around the mysterious settlement, and it’s your job to investigate.

While this task might sound like a simple one, it gets extremely complicated when you realize the Nameless Village is not in an easy-to-get location. Instead, you have to go a very specific route to reach the village and then go through more hurdles once you arrive. In the guide below, you can see where the Nameless Village is located in DD2 and how to complete The Nameless Village quest.

Warning, there are full spoilers for The Nameless Village quest below.

Nameless Village location in DD2

If you track The Nameless Village quest in your journal, you can see a yellow quest marker on your map to the east of Vernworth. Head over there through the main roads and cross a bridge over a river to the southwest of the quest marker. You need to go south of the quest marker from there to reach the Nameless Village.

As seen in the map screenshot below, you need to be where my arrow is on the map to reach the settlement. If you go north or try to head straight there from the east, you will reach a dead end.

The location you need to reach to get to the Nameless Village. Screenshot via Upcomer

At my location on the map, keep going east until you can go north up a pathway, which leads to the Nameless Village. Once you arrive, you’ll be greeted by a man who tells you to turn away from the settlement. Obviously, disregard that warning and keep heading up to the top of the settlement until you reach the hilltop manor. Enter the manor and find an NPC inside, who tells you a little more about the False Sovran and the village.

Completing the Nameless Village quest in DD2

After speaking with the NPC inside the hilltop manor, you have to descend into an underground cave to reach the Maister, who has even more information about the False Sovran. To find that underground cave, exit the manor and go around to the left side of it. If you look at the ground, you’ll see a small hole with a ladder that you can use to go down into a cavern.

The location of the underground cave. Screenshot via Upcomer

Once you’re in the cave, make your way through the wooden bridge obstacles, which isn’t difficult as long as you jump at the right times. There are two sets of the obstacles, with the second set being harder to get through than the first.

Screenshot via Upcomer

At the end of the obstacles, you’ll reach a room that has the man who warned you away from the village in it. This turned out to be the Maister, who was testing you to see if you would shy away from danger or not. If you speak to the Maister, you can learn all about the False Sovran and even get a juicy piece of evidence to give to Captain Brant.

Screenshot via Upcomer

After you’re done talking with the Maister, head back out the way you came, return to Vernworth, and tell Captain Brant of your findings. This completes The Nameless Village quest in DD2.

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