Dragon's Dogma 2: How to change your character's appearance in DD2
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The character creator in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is quite extensive, allowing you to fully customize your character’s appearance, right down to their minuscule facial features. However, if you decide to change vocations or simply don’t like the way your character looks anymore, you’re able to alter their appearance through a specific NPC in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Through this NPC, you can change your hairstyle, makeup, markings, and modify your entire appearance altogether if you wish. Of course, all of these alterations cost a fair bit of gold, so you’ll need to ensure you’re well-funded before making any decisions. To see how and where to change your appearance in Dragon’s Dogma 2, check out the guide below.

Changing your character’s appearance in DD2

Fortunately, you’re able to start altering your appearance within the first few hours of DD2. It might take you longer to reach this point of the game depending on how much time you spend in the first region, though.

More specifically, you need to reach the capital city of Vernworth to start changing your appearance. Vernworth is accessed after you complete the events at the town of Melve and travel down south. If you want to reach Vernworth as quickly as possible, I suggest taking the Oxcart from Melve, which gets you about half of the way to the capital.

Once you’re in Vernworth, open your map and look for the scissors icon. This icon represents the Barberie shop, which is where you’ll change your appearance in DD2. In Vernworth, the Barberie shop belongs to Clovis, but there are other Barberies in the other towns across the map.

The Barberie is where you change your appearance in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Screenshot via Upcomer

Inside Clovis’s Barberie, approach the woman and ask to change your appearance. You’ll then be given some options as to what specifically you want to change. You can change your hairstyle, makeup, or markings for 10,000 gold each. However, to change multiple aspects of your appearance costs 25,000 gold. After selecting an option, you can access that part of the character creator again and choose to alter whatever you want. Once you’re satisfied with your alterations, you can pay the Barberie and exit the shop with your new look.

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