Dragon's Dogma 2: How to defeat Slimes in DD2
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There are several enemy types you can encounter across the map in Dragon’s Dogma 2. From the pesky goblins to the much larger cyclops or ogres, you’ll see plenty of enemies in your first few hours. However, perhaps the most annoying of the enemy types in Dragon’s Dogma 2 are the Slimes.

Slimes are enemies primarily found in caves, but they can also appear by rivers and other locations. If you have encountered a Slime, you may have noticed you can’t damage it. To make matters worse, if a Slime gets near you, you’ll be stuck in its clutches and slowly lose HP, eventually leading to death. To avoid having you and your Pawns suffer this fate, read the guide below to see how to deal with Slimes in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Defeating Slimes in DD2

To be clear, Slimes are the greenish, oily globs of liquid that slowly chase you along the ground. You can first encounter Slimes in the northernmost cave on the map, but they are located in several caves as you progress south.

You are unable to attack Slimes using any form of melee combat. If you swing a sword at the enemy, they’ll just brush it off and keep rolling on the ground towards you. The same goes for attacks using arrows, as they simply go through Slimes. The only way to damage Slimes in DD2 is with magic.

A Slime taking magic damage. Screenshot via Upcomer

Whether that be from a Mage or Sorcerer, you need to cast a damaging spell on the Slimes to make it lose HP. Or, if you’re not one of those vocations, you need to have one of your Pawns cast spells at the Slime. You can command your Pawns to attack a Slime by telling them to “Go!” in the command menu. This is accessed by pressing Up on the D-Pad. Be careful, though, as your Pawns can easily get trapped by the Slime and you’ll have to revive them if that happens.

Hopefully, your Mage or Sorcerer will be able to attack quickly enough and dispatch the Slimes. Alternatively, if you’re either one of those vocations, it should only take a few spells to fully eliminate a Slime in DD2. I would maintain a solid distance between you and the Slime, though, especially if you’re a Sorcerer who takes long to cast spells.

How to escape a Slime

Slimes can be trapped by inclined surfaces. Screenshot via Upcomer

Once you get caught in the Slime’s grasp, it’s extremely difficult to get out. However, the best way to escape a Slime is to jump. If you can jump out of the liquid, then you can run away from the enemy. You also want to ensure you keep restocking your stamina so you have enough power to fully get free.

If you’re trapped by a Slime, there’s really no way out aside from perhaps finding a gap between it and a wall and trying to jump from point to point. If that’s not an option, you have to accept defeat, use a Wakestone after dying, or hope your Mage/Sorcerer Pawn comes through and beats the Slime.

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