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Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) loves getting into the holiday spirit. Whether it be the Halloween Witches Festival or Winter Wonderland, everyone gets into the spirit of the event. This year, Elder Scrolls Online is spreading the holiday cheer with free items for players. The free loot is also part of the 2023 New Life Festival, more on that below. But first, here’s how to claim your free Elder Scrolls Online gear.

How to claim your free Elder Scrolls Online gear

If you’re feeling the pressure of the holiday season with last-minute shopping, cooking, and the potential family dramas, you’ll be happy to hear you don’t have to jump through hoops for your ESO gear. This year, players can receive a free set of Saint Vorys earrings.

Sain Vorys Effigy Earnings (Screenshot by Upcomer).

You can quickly claim your gear from the in-game Crown store:

  1. Log into Elder Scrolls Online
  2. Open the Crown Store from the tab menu at the top of your screen, or by pressing , on the keyboard, or opening the burger menu on your controller
  3. Click “Style Parlour” under the Crown store menu or search for “Saint Vorys”
  4. Click to purchase the earrings and confirm your purchase
  5. Your new earrings are now available in “Collections” under “Appearance” and in the “Minor Adornments” category

Enjoy sporting your brand-new earrings. Note that some characters’ hairstyles will prevent you from seeing the earrings. If you want to show off your new gear, make sure you have a hairstyle that allows you and other players to see your fancy jewelry.

Take part in the New Life Festival

The New Life Festival takes place each year in Elder Scrolls Online. It’s a festival celebrating the new year and runs until January 9, 2024. It just started today and you can complete quests, pick up the last fragment for the Hoardhunter Ursauk, unique mount, and rack up your ticket count.

Complete one quest each day to earn three tickets a day for a maximum of 57 tickets. Of course, you can always buy extra tickets from the Crown Store. Screenshot via Upcomer

Players also earn double XP throughout the festival by completing the “Breda’s Bottomless Mead Mug”
quest. You can find this quest from Breda, the event hostess. If you’ve already completed this quest from a previous year, head to your Mementos under “Collections” and drink the mead to start earning double XP.

Players receive perks during the New Life Festival. Screenshot via Upcomer

Anyone can access the event and the quests by purchasing the free event ticket from the Crown store:

  1. Open the Crown store from the tab menu at the top of your screen, or by pressing , on the keyboard, or opening the burger menu on controller
  2. Click “Events” under the Crown store menu or search for “New Life”
  3. You’ll see the “New Life Festival” event. Purchase the event ticket for free and your quest will begin
  4. Travel to Breda at the New Life Festival tent in Eastmarch. Once you have the quest you can open the map location and fast travel to the location

There are lots of rewards and achievements to earn during the New Life Festival. Read them all on the ESO Hub and have a happy new year.

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