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It’s annoying when you go to finish your dailies or jump online with your friends, and the server is down! How can you avoid this in future? Is there a way to tell if the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) servers are down for maintenance? When will they be back online? Let’s answer some of these burning questions so you’re not left in the lurch again.

Is Elder Scrolls Online down?

The first place you need to look to see if the servers are down globally is the ESO Server Status website. It gives you information about the status of each server. This includes:

  • PC European megaserver
  • PC Northern American megaserver
  • Public Test Server; this is only available on PC
  • Xbox European megaserver
  • Xbox Northern American megaserver
  • PlayStation European megaserver
  • PlayStation  Northern American megaserver

The website will show you if the server is online, down, or undergoing maintenance. This site is also handy as it shows you the current time in UTC, EST, and your own time. Most Elder Scrolls Online games run on EST. For example, some of the daily quest and rewards reset at midnight EST. Knowing the current time will help you understand why the server might be down.

What about scheduled maintenance?

Elder Scrolls Online is one of those annoying games that tends to do a fair bit of maintenance. Luckily, the ESO Server Status website will give you information about what type of maintenance is scheduled for the coming week.

When you open the ESO launcher, one of the scrolling notifications banners will sometimes display scheduled maintenance. If you’re ever playing Elder Scrolls Online when maintenance is about to happen, you’ll receive a popup notification in-game. A count down to the server being taken offline will . This means you shouldn’t ever be caught out.

If something else fails and there’s some glitchy things happening to your game, one of the best places to check is the Bethesda Support Twitter account. They’ll have updates on any global issues occurring. If you’re still having trouble logging in or accessing the game, file a help request on the ESO website.

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