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Apex Legends comes up with a new way of making their legend pool more diverse with the introduction of the Revelry patch. The Revelry patch features the implementation of a class system with respective perks/buffs, similar to how Overwatch 2 introduced role-specific buffs. One of these classes is the Assault Class.

The Assault class features perks such as unlocking the secret compartment of weapon supply bins and an additional limit to the ammo you can carry. With these new additional buffs, many wonders who are the best legends to use under the assault class. Here are all of the assault class legends in Apex Legends Revelry, ranked.

5. Bangalore

Bangalore Artwork
Provided by Electronic Arts

Bangalore is one of the most new-player-friendly legends in the game. If you’re coming into Apex Legends Revelry from Call of Duty, for example, you’ll surely feel familiar with this legend. However, this comes with basic skills that other legends in this list outshine. Outside of her passive ability, which she can use to engage/disengage opponents quickly, she offers little-no value in higher ELOs.

4. Revenant

Revenant Artwork
Provided by Electronic Arts

Revenant is still viable in the Apex Legends Revelry patch, depending on the map. Revenant will shine more on the Broken Moon map railing system due to his Death Totem. Other than that, they ddn’t offer anything else to the table if you compare them to the others on the list.

3. Fuse

Fuse Artwork
Provided by Electronic Arts

Fuse is the best pick if you hoard thermite grenades. With the Rampage LMG back as floor loot, you can utilize this weapon on Fuse because of his passive ability that allows him to store an additional grenade per inventory slot. Fuse allows you to clear areas quickly, drawing enemies out of their hiding spots, or if they choose to stay, they’ll get annihilated with the number of explosives you can throw at them.

We didn’t rank Fuse higher than Ash or Mad Maggie because most legends in the skirmishers class easily counter Fuse’s ultimate ability. Knuckle Clusters also aren’t good enough to propel him to the top of the list. Lastly, one major flaw of Fuse is that he relies heavily on picking up thermite grenades and a Rampage LMG to be effective. If RNG is not on your side, it will be hard to make an impact in the game.

2. Ash

Ash Artwork
Provided by Electronic Arts

Second on the ranking is Ash, one of the most vicious legends when put into the hands of a great player. Ash’s passive allows her to scan enemies based on death boxes you encounter throughout the game. This scan is map wide and reveals the enemy’s position, basically rendering her a recon and an assault class character.

Ash also has a snare which enables her to slow enemies trying to escape. With the buff to most mid to close-range weapons, Ash can be effective in the Revelry patch with her Phase Breach. This skill allows her to position herself properly to engage enemies and turn the odds in her favor.

1. Mad Maggie

Mad Maggie Artwork
Provided by Electronic Arts

With the addition of a gold shotgun bolt, Mad Maggie has been more viable than ever whenever you’re running squads. The gold shotgun bolt allows you to reload your shotguns automatically while running or while they are stowed.

Mad Maggie’s passive synchronizes well with this new shotgun update because you can easily be more aggressive toward enemies during close fights without worrying about reloading your shotgun. If you want to excel as a Mad Maggie main, take engagements head-on while you have your shotgun in your hand. You’ll have much more speed than other players, and you can also use this technique to quickly disengage enemies without leaving yourself unprotected.