Wild Rift stream will cover Riot Games' plans for 2022 and more
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Riot Games is hosting yet another big announcement stream, this time around League of Legends: Wild Rift on Friday at 10 a.m. EST. The developer’s biggest version of this stream was their 10 year anniversary, otherwise known as “We finally put the S in Riot Games” stream. Many important announcements were made that stream, mainly VALORANT (known as Project A back then), the Teamfight Tactics mobile port and the mobile version of their beloved MOBA, League of Legends: Wild Rift.

The reason Wild Rift got a different name when so many other mobile versions of PC games did not is that Wild Rift is not a direct port from the PC version — it is a recreation of the game’s code and UI, allowing Riot Games to see what would’ve happened if League of Legends was redone for PC. Now, Riot is having another announcement stream to show their plans for Wild Rift in 2022 and more.

When, where and how to watch

Titled “The Season 2022 Stream,” it seems like it will have news and announcement about both League of Legends and Wild Rift, but the focus will most likely be on the mobile game rather than its predecessor. The stream will start on Friday, 7 a.m. EST, but fans can watch the recording after if it’s not a good time in their time zone. Fans can watch both the stream and the recording in Riot’s official YouTube channel, League of Legends. There will also be no patch preview for both titles as the Riot Games crew will break down everything that is coming in 2022, and the new season, on the stream. The showcase will presumably inform fans of what is to come for the new season, what went well in the preseason and what didn’t along with teases for upcoming champions or remakes in the coming year. Season 12 of League of Legends also starts Friday.

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