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Chun-Li is probably the most iconic character in Street Fighter 6 as one of the very first female fighting game characters and now the inspiration behind many songs, adaptations, and cosplays. This has left many fighting game fans wanting to know more about her. Who is Chun-Li, how old is she, and what led her to fight in Street Fighter 6?

Chun-Li backstory

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Chun-Li was born in 1968 in China where she lived with her father. She aimed to be just like him growing up, inspired by his job as a police officer as well as Bruce Lee movies. Chun-Li decided to learn Tai Chi and her father, a martial arts master, decided to give her even more guidance.

Her journey was disrupted when her father vanished. She grew up and became a detective, determined to find him. This eventually led her to a criminal organization called the Shadoloo. This sinister group did human experiments and other horrifying and illegal activities.

Chun-Li decided to train, preparing to face Shadoloo’s leader, M. Bison. When she fights him, however, she learns he has some strange otherworldly powers. She’s defeated but he lets her live, telling her that her father is dead.

Fueled by anger and revenge, Chun-Li decided to look into M. Bison’s powers and stop him from becoming unstoppable. Other nations joined her, including Guile and Ryu. Unforutnately, she later found out he’s still alive and running a tournament. He also has a new weapon that is immensely dangerous to the entire planet.

Chun-Li tried to stop him once again but has to be saved by Cammy. A follow-up investigation with every fighter Chun-Li can gather leads to M. Bison getting taken down for good.

How old is Chun-Li?

Chun-Li’s exact age is not shared in Street Fighter 6 but it’s estimated that she’s in her 30s or 40s. 

It’s unclear when Street Fighter 6 or any of the previous titles took place. This makes it impossible to know how old Chun-Li is during any point of the storyline.

What helps a little is that you can see a smart phone in the World Tour mode. The smart phone has similarities to the ones we used in the 2010’s. This is not confirmed, however.