When are the Alejandro and Valeria skins coming to MW2 and Warzone 2?
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The list of Operators in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 has continued to grow since the release of the games in late 2022. We have seen the likes of soccer stars Messi, Pogba, and Neymar Jr. enter the fray along with Battle Pass skins, such as Season 2’s Ronin. While all of these Operators are still used to this day, some players feel there is something missing from the list. Namely, these players are curious about where some of the MW2 Campaign Operators, such as Valeria and Alejandro.

In regard to Valeria, players have been wanting an Operator skin for her since the MW2 Campaign was released. The beautiful anti-hero is a hugely popular character in the Campaign, even if she is on the wrong side of things throughout the story. As for Alejandro, he is one of the main protagonists throughout the Campaign, and players would love to use his Operator in multiplayer and battle royale.

However, up to this point, Activision has been seemingly reluctant to introduce them to the list of Operators. Fortunately, that could be changing soon.

Alejandro and Valeria skins in MW2 and Warzone 2

According to a Call of Duty leaker, Task Force Leakers 141, file placeholders for Alejandro, Valeria, and Alex were added to the game files with the Season 2 Reloaded update. A file placeholder usually means the content is coming in the near future, but the developers haven’t added the full renders to the game files yet.

The leaker states that these file placeholders for the Operators could mean that they will arrive in Season 3 or 4. Of course, players are hoping it’s the former. At this point, though, that’s all we know about the possibility of both Alejandro and Valeria coming to MW2 and Warzone 2. It’s also unclear if the Operator skins would be available via the Battle Pass, the Store, or perhaps through a Raid episode. We’ll have to wait and see what Activision has in store for both of the characters.

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