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Last Epoch gives players plenty of options with five classes to choose from and three mastery options for each within those. That’s a lot to pick between, but if you’re reading this you’ve probably settled on the Rogue, and that’s a great choice.

The Rogue has three distinctly different playstyles available with the Bladedancer, Marksman, and Flaconer masteries. These cover all of the ranges you’ll be facing in battle, and boast their unique skills.

You can’t really go wrong with any of these classes, but if you need a suggestion for your first playthrough here are our thoughts on which is the best of the bunch.

The best Rogue mastery in Last Epoch?

Last Epoch gameplay screenshot
Screenshot via Eleventh Hour Games

Bladedancer is the best Rogue mastery in Last Epoch from our experience with the game. This is because it boasts huge damage from close combat strikes paired with incredible poisons that can slowly decay enemies over time.

This playstyle is much more aggressive than the alternative Marksman and Falconer options, and while we haven’t done a lot of testing with the Falconer yet, it just doesn’t seem to have the same executing potential that the Bladedancer does.

Using Shadows you can avoid enemy attacks and set yourself into position to deal fatal damage, and these skills are extremely important given the low health that Rogues have. This is where the mastery wins out over the Marksman, as that ranged style doesn’t have as many options to get out of danger.

The Falconer is a nice middle ground between the Baldedancer and Marksman, but it just doesn’t feel as rewarding as the Bladedancer does. Of course, this could change once we have more time to experiment and get familiar with the class, but for now, we’d suggest you stick to the Bladedancer if you’re stuck deciding.

You’ve got a ton of options with the Bladedancer like all classes in Last Epoch so take the time to experiment and tailor the perfect build to your playstyle.

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