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While Last Epoch is a game that gives you plenty of challenges with its tough dungeon-crawling adventures and brutal monoliths, the game also allows you to group up with your friends and assist each other with quests.

This is a great way to enjoy Last Epoch with your pals, but also level up together. If you’re planning to do this then you’ll need to know the limits. As you might expect you can’t join up with all of your friends, there is a maximum party size, but fortunately, it should be more than enough.

How many players can I party with in Last Epoch

Last Epoch spear screenshot
Screenshot via Eleventh Hour Games

You can play with up to three other friends in Last Epoch as the game has a maximum party size of four. That should be plenty of backup to get you through even the toughest end-game content Last Epoch has to offer.

When you have more players in your party enemies will be scaled to match. That means the mobs you face will do more damage and have increased health to compensate for the extra firepower.

How to add friends in Last Epoch

Social menu in Last Epoch
Screenshot via Upcomer

You can add friends in Last Epoch by using the in-game social menu. This can be found by pressing the main menu and selecting Social or by pressing H.

From here you can add and block players. This will also be the go-to place to invite players to your party and manage who is still in your party while you adventure.

Keep in mind you won’t be able to pair a legacy character with players in the current Cycle. If you’d like to party up with your friends then you’ll need to be on the same page whether that is enjoying the fruits of past adventures in Legacy, or challenging yourself for the best rank this Cycle.

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