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Starting Last Epoch can be a daunting experience. With five classes to choose between and multiple subclasses within them, unless you’ve got a plan you might be stuck on what to pick.

That’s natural! We all have to start somewhere and if you’re looking for something simple to ease you into the action then you can relax. Last Epoch has you covered. Here are the best classes for new players in Last Epoch.

What are the easiest starting classes in Last Epoch?

If you’re new to Last Epoch, or ARPGs in general then the best two classes to start with are the Sentinel and Rogue. These two choices are the most basic, and while they can be very intricate if you choose to tweak with styles, skills, and abilities, there is a basic path for each that will help you get a hang of the game.


Last Epoch castle visuals
Screenshot via Eleventh Hour Games

In its most basic form, the Sentinel is a sword and shield-focused class where you can chip away at enemies from close range with a great health pool and life-stealing capabilities to keep you alive in the fight.

I think this is the easiest class to play as you begin your adventure because it is the least punishing to take damage. With the kit set up in the way that it is you can tank shots from most of the game’s early enemies with little issues.

Furthermore, the offensive skills this class has to offer are not just effective, but fun to play. Warpath is an awesome way to damage groups of enemies as holding it down continues to spin the character around with their sword. Alongside that, Rive is the perfect move to treat as a basic attack dealing great damage in combination and allowing you to charge energy for your other attacks.

Of course, things get a little more complicated once you choose your mastery whether that is Forge Guard, Void Knight, or Paladin, but the basic style of this class remains the same.


Last Epoch gameplay screenshot
Screenshot via Eleventh Hour Games

The Rogue is almost the opposite of the Sentinel, however, it is still an extremely easy class to play at its core. You’re going to use ranged weaponry most of the time as a Rogue, especially if you’d like to make things as simple as possible.

With your bow equipped, you can stay at range dealing damage to enemies dashing in and out of danger when necessary. While the bow might seem like your primary weapon, you’ll quickly learn that other attacks can be extremely effective such as the poison toss that when stacked on foes quickly erodes their health.

Using a smokescreen to hide away, dash to get out of danger, your poisons, and ranged attacks, you can easily breeze through the early game without needing to get too in the weeds when it comes to combination attacks.

As mentioned previously, there is still plenty of depth to explore with the Sentinel and Rogue, but if you’re new Last Epoch and want something simple to get started with then one of these classes is going to be the perfect fit for you.

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