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Apex Legends Season 18 is fast-approaching but gamers have started to hear rumors that the content may not be the usual. Instead of a new legend, leaks are pointing to a major rework of an existing legend. And it’s being called Revenant Reborn.

Talks of Revenant getting a total rework of his kit have been happening for a while now. Dataminers and leakers have continued to find hints within the game’s files that point to a major update for the Season 4 legend.

While Revenant Reborn was initially a rumor, Respawn Entertainment officially hinted at the sinister robot’s rework in a cinematic short called “Kill Code Part 1.” The video follows Lifeline, Maggie and Loba as they head to Salvo to hunt down Duardo Silva. Within an abandoned facility, the trio uncovers a hoard of robotic enemies. A hint at the end seems to show Revenant watching the action from somewhere safe, revealing an interesting icon that could hint at the changes ahead.

Revenant Reborn leaked abilities

Along with a new look, Revenant is rumored to be getting a complete rework of his kit. The first leaked kit was discussed back in Season 12 but they were thought to belong to a leaked legend known as Phantom at the time. Since then, new builds have been uncovered by dataminers.

Here are the possible abilities for Revenant Reborn in Season 18:

  • Passive: Double Jump / Wall Run — Revenant Reborn will have the ability to double jump or wall run, something that’s been leaked from play testers.
  • Tactical: Hook Shot — To continue with his new mobility kit, Revenant Reborn will be able to hook to a wall and hang off it for a short duration.
  • Ultimate: Void Grenade — The biggest change to Revenant is his ultimate, which is allegedly a grenade that sends impacted enemies into a void for a short period of time. Rumor has it that, within the void, the enemy will have to take part in a 1v1 dual with Revenant that can’t be interrupted.

When is Season 18?

Revenant Reborn is allegedly coming in Season 18. Apex Legends Season 18 is set to release around August 8, 2023.