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Within a month of its release, Street Fighter 6 received its very first battle pass. While fighting games tend to be more focused on the competitive multiplayer aspect, the latest Street Fighter game has included a good deal of single-player content, from its World Tour story mode to individual battle pass rewards.

The game’s inaugural Fighting Pass focuses on a summer theme and includes a wide array of rewards such as emotes, gear and other cosmetics. Keep reading for an overview of how the Street Fighter 6 Early Summer Vibes battle pass works and what items are included in it.

How does the Fighting Pass work?

The core goal of the Street Fighter 6 Early Summer Vibes battle pass is to level up in order to achieve certain in-game rewards. To raise your battle pass tier, you must collect Kudos by completing different kinds of in-game challenges. Specifically, you will reach a new battle pass tier for every 500 Kudos you earn.

As your battle pass tier increases, you will eventually become eligible for rewards. Early Summer Vibes includes a free progression route that everyone automatically has access to. Meanwhile, there is also a premium route that you can only access by spending real-world money.

To unlock the premium Fighting Pass, you will need to spend 250 Fighter Coins, which is the game’s premium in-game currency. You can purchase a bundle of 250 Fighter Coins for $4.99. The battle pass will be available from June 12 to July 2, meaning you will have less than a month to level up and collect rewards.

What’s in the Street Fighter 6 Early Summer Vibes battle pass?

Here’s an overview of every reward available for free in the Street Fighter 6 Early Summer Vibes battle pass:

  • Level 2 – Rental Fighter
  • Level 3 – Rental Fighter
  • Level 5 – Sticker
  • Level 8 – Floating in the Ocean background
  • Level 11 – Fireworks frame
  • Level 14 – Alluring Mermaid title
  • Level 17 – Cheer 3 emote
  • Level 20 – Inner Tube α clothing

Unlike the free battle pass, the premium battle pass unlocks a new reward at every single tier. It maxes out at level 30 once you reach 14,500 Kudos. Of course, you also get access to every free item if you purchase the premium version.

Here’s every extra item you can expect to unlock if you’re willing to splurge on the premium battle pass:

  • Level 1 – Legendary Wings ROM
  • Level 2 – Daring Summer Swimsuit (Top) clothing
  • Level 3 – Sticker
  • Level 4 – Sea Dweller title
  • Level 5 – Cammy’s Stage I music
  • Level 6 – Daring Summer Swimsuit (Bottom) clothing
  • Level 7 – SMACK! frame
  • Level 8 – Hot Fighter Summer title
  • Level 9 – Sticker
  • Level 10 – Inner Tube clothing
  • Level 11 – Dee Jay’s Stage I music
  • Level 12 – Uninhibited Dance emote
  • Level 13 – Sticker
  • Level 14 – Rash Guard (Top) clothing
  • Level 15 – Summer Glow background
  • Level 16 – Sticker
  • Level 17 – T.Hawk’s Stage I music
  • Level 18 – Sticker
  • Level 19 – Rash Guard (Bottom) clothing
  • Level 20 – Sun’s Out Guns Out title
  • Level 21 – 10 Fighter Coins
  • Level 22 – 10 Fighter Coins
  • Level 23 – 10 Fighter Coins
  • Level 24 – 10 Fighter Coins
  • Level 25 – 10 Fighter Coins
  • Level 26 – 10 Fighter Coins
  • Level 27 – 20 Fighter Coins
  • Level 28 – 20 Fighter Coins
  • Level 29 – 50 Fighter Coins
  • Level 30 – 100 Fighter Coins

It’s worth noting that the last 10 levels of the premium version of the Street Fighter 6 Early Summer Vibes Fighting Pass provide a total of 250 Fighter Coins. As a result, the premium battle pass effectively ends up paying for itself if you are able to complete it.

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