What does your Lineage do in Nightingale?
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When you go through the character creator in Nightingale, you’ll stop at a section called “Lineage.” Here, you’re able to fully customize your character’s entire family history, from their parents to their great-grandparents.

You can pick a different character model for all of your ancestors and this also affects another section of the character creator, called “Inheritance.” No, you don’t get any sort of money or property through the Inheritance section, but instead, you can choose what ancestor you look most like. The entire system is extremely thorough, but is there any benefit to filling out your entire Lineage in Nightingale? I’ll answer that question in the guide below.

Picking your Lineage in Nightingale

The Lineage section in Nightingale. Screenshot via Upcomer

Unfortunately, it’s been confirmed by the developers that, as of the early access build in Nightingale, the Lineage system is purely cosmetic. This means it has no effect on anything gameplay-related, so unless you truly want to hand-pick all of your ancestors, then there’s really no point to filling out the Lineage section in Nightingale.

Of course, since it’s in the game, there are likely future plans for the Lineage system to have some kind of effect on gameplay. Perhaps choosing certain ancestors will allow you to get specific dialogue options or meet some of your other descendants in Nightingale. But in the current early access version of the game, your Lineage doesn’t play a role in anything important.

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This also means the Inheritance section in the character creator is also sort of pointless. However, at the very least, that section does allow you to customize your character’s appearance a little more than you’re able to with the base character models.

We’ll have to wait and see what the developers have in store for the Lineage and Inheritance sections as the game gets more and more updates.

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