VALORANT Masters schedule: Start and end dates leaked
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VALORANT Esports Vietnam announced the event calendar on their Facebook page but in doing so, they accidentally showed the date for the VALORANT Masters tournament that was not yet announced by Riot Games. According to this leak, the big tournament will start on Apr. 15 and last for 2 weeks. If these dates announced by VALORANT Vietnam are correct, this Masters will be the longest international VALORANT LAN Tournament we will have seen yet.

Here is the unconfirmed calendar of events, which includes the Masters dates:

VALORANT Masters schedule and release date leaked

These dates have not been confirmed by any other official Riot account yet. However, the timing fits perfectly as it starts and ends in April, just before the first Counter Strike: Global Offensive major tournament of this year, PGL Major Antwerp 2022, starts on May 5.

The VALORANT community received a lot of updates and new information about the upcoming tournaments of the year today between this and the prize pool for European, Middle East & Asia Challengers 1. As the waiting for these major tournaments comes near its end, excitement among the fans is ramping up.

Update 1:00 p.m. ET: According to a report by George Geddes of Dot Esports, a Riot representative has stated that the dates in the graphic are inaccurate and have yet to be finalized. Upcomer has reached out to Riot to confirm.

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