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The 2024 season of Football Manager is here. If you’re scouting out young talent for your team, here are the best FM24 wonderkids to sign.

1. Roony Bardghi

Bardghji has been a top pick since he debuted in the game at just 15 years old. His potential as an attacker has only continued to grow thanks to his impressive dribbling and scoring. He is currently at a pretty big bargain so grab him to unleash his ability.

2. Rome-Jayden Owusu-Oduro

A lot of fans feel that this teenager is the next big thing. He’s a great early pick and his value will continue to grow so grab him for your team while you can.

3. Valentin Barco

Ever since he blasted onto the scene as part of the Boca Juniors, Barco has impressed with his passing, crossing, and dribbling. People have also marveled at his defensive skills. With so much versatility on the field, Barco is a standout and he’s currently at a great value.

4. Lucas Gourna-Douath

This striker is one of the most exciting to emerge in quite some time. He’s a solid choice for your defensive midfield slot thanks to his well-rounded skillset, intelligent play, and dependability. He’s very desired, however, so it may be tricky to get him — but it’s worth it.

5. Karim Konate

If you can’t get Gourna-Douath, Konate is another solid prospect. A Cote d’lvoire native, Konate move dto Austria and has leveled up his gameplay. He’s not easy to get either, but many feel he’s worth the effort thanks to his skills as an off-ball mover and dribbler. You can expect big things from him in clutch moments.

6. Lamine Yamal

This right-winger was the youngest player in La Liga’s history when he joined at 15 years old. He’s now considered a must-buy after five seasons in FM24. It may be a bit expensive to sign him but it’s not impossible — and it could be the best choice you make all season.

7. Rico Lewis

Man City’s manager Pep Guardiola has praised Lewis as the “one of the best players” he ever coached. Dependable and a strong leader, Lewis is worth the high price tag and could really pay off in big ways going forward.

8. Arda Guler

Real Madrid’s attacking midfielder is a great all-around player. He may not be the first pick but experts feel he is a must-pick if you use a formation that features a No. 10. He could end up making all the difference.

9. Yeremy Pino

Sign Pino early in FM24 and you’ll have someone reliable for the whole year. He’s expensive but worth it, with scout David Webb even saying that “any Premier League team would have to fork over a substantial fee to lure him to England.” Pino is very desired for a reason.

10. Assan Ouedraogo

Schalke 04’s cneter midfield player is an easy sign. It’s a no-brainer. He has strong attacking attributes so let him develop into one of the best the next few seasons. This is a smart investment.