Today in the 2022 LCK Summer: Week 7, Day 1
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The 2022 League of Legends Champions Korea summer season is well underway, with games happening five days a week. For fans that don’t have time to watch all the action but want to know what is going on, we at Upcomer are here to provide a daily recap of each day’s games. Here is what happened this Monday in the 2022 LCK summer season.

T1 take down KT

In what may be a potential early playoff preview, KT Rolster went up against T1 to kick off Week 7 of the 2022 LCK summer split in a battle of MVP candidates. KT’s bot laner Kim “Aiming” Ha-ram came into the series in second place in player of the game honors with T1’s top laner Choi “Zeus” Woo-je right above him in first.

KT’s spicy Skarner pick in Game 1 looked decent in the early game, but just like many KT games this season, it was up to Aiming to be the win condition. Piloting Zeri, Aiming tried his best to carry, but as the game started to slip away, he wasn’t able to hit his spike early enough to turn things around. Thirty minutes into the game T1 found themselves with a 10K gold lead and a 11-3 kill advantage as they quickly took the first game.

Game 2, however, showcased how powerful Aiming is when he does get ahead.

In the early game, T1 did a good job preventing Aiming from taking over fights with well-placed crowd control, but the Zeri/Yuumi combo from KT was an inevitable advantage. Despite being a couple thousand gold down, a teamfight in KT’s blue side jungle allowed Aiming to flank the opposition and pick a triple kill, which got the ball start rolling for KT. Baron followed shortly after, and the gold lead shifted to KT’s favor. With Aiming now fed on Zeri, T1 could not do anything to stop the onslaught. KT picked up another Baron and Hextech Dragon Soul before ending the game just 33 minutes in to force Game 3.

T1 wisely picked away the Yuumi and Zeri combo for themselves in Game 3 and showed KT that they can play the oppressive bot lane combo too. But it was actually KT that jumped out to a mid-game lead. T1’s bot laner Lee “Gumayusi” Min-hyeong was a non-factor until the 29-minute mark when he finally was able to turn around a teamfight at Baron to push T1 into the driver’s seat. And when the best team in the region gets a late game lead, they don’t let it go. To top it all off, in the last push into the base for T1, Gumayusi picked up a pentakill as T1 took the series 2-1.

DK defeat HLE

After the banger of a series that kicked off Week 7 of the 2022 LCK Summer split, the third-place DWG KIA went up against the last-place Hanwha Life Esports to give fans time to breathe in what was expected to be a quick series. However, HLE had different plans.

DK were the ones expectedly with a lead throughout the early game in Game 1. In fact, the early game couldn’t have gone much better for DK as they built a 2K gold lead and 4-0 advantage in kills 15 minutes in. They even expanded their gold lead to 4K as the game approached 30 minutes. But with a cheeky bush gank just to the left of mid-lane, HLE managed to get a pick, and with it, Baron.

The real battle in the game was in the top lane. DK’s Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon and HLE’s Lee “DuDu” Dong-ju went back and forth with Nuguri on Fiora and Dudu on Gwen. Although it looked like Nuguri finally got the upper-hand in the split-pushing matchup, DuDu was the difference-maker. He managed to win a one-on-three dive in the top lane 39 minutes into the game that effectively lost the game for DK. HLE scored the Game 1 upset.

DK snapped out of it in the next two games. Game 2 didn’t last very long as DK took an early lead and ran with it. With an 11-2 kill lead but only a 3K gold advantage, DK aced HLE at dragon 20 minutes in and decided the game was over. The team simply marched into the enemy base to win one of the fastest games in the LCK this season.

Game 3 last about 10 minutes longer, but it wasn’t at all closer than Game 2 was. DK just methodically outclassed HLE around the map. They didn’t even give up a single kill in their 13-0 kill victory and won the series in 2-1 after a reverse sweep.

What’s next

Week 7 of the 2022 LCK summer split continues Thursday with two more matches on the schedule. Liiv SANDBOX take on Nongshim RedForce while Gen.G go up against DRX. Matches start at 4 a.m. ET live on the LCK Twitch channel.

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