The internet reacts to Acend winning VALORANT Champions
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After waiting almost three months since the VALORANT Champion Tour Stage 3 Masters: Berlin, the true VALORANT Champions have Acend(ed).

The maps were fun to watch, starting with Gambit winning Bind and Acend coming back in decisive fashion to win Ascent. The next map went to Gambit, and while Icebox looked close, Acend pulled through, taking it to map 5. Split stood at 7-5 by halftime, but rounds started going back and forth. Every round, a different player made a massive play to help them win the round. But in the end, with both teams giving it their all, Acend came out victorious.

Team Acend reacts after a victory match | Photo by Wojciech Wandzel/Riot Games
Team Acend reacts after a victory match | Photo by Wojciech Wandzel/Riot Games

The team worked through a lot to get to this point. Acend started after a former roster disbanded after a Riot sponsorship. After many ups and downs, they managed to win the Europe Masters 1.

After that, the team faced a low period. Players moved around, they missed their chance to make it to Reykjavik and fell short in Berlin, losing to 100 Thieves. They had, however, garnered enough points to make it to VALORANT Champions without going through the EMEA LCQ.

The rest is history. Acend made it out of groups, beat Team Liquid, Team Secret and, now, Gambit Esports to become the VALORANT Champions. In doing so, they garnered plenty of good vibes from the community:

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