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The Finals is pretty new but it has already started to suffer from the same thing other free-to-play shooters have to deal with: Cheaters.

FPS players have been raving about The Finals, with over 10 million players boosting it into the top of the Steam charts. But with that popularity has come an influx of cheaters. Now, gamers are calling for developers to do something about the influx of bad actors.

The cheating problem in The Finals

The Finals weapon tier

The Finals unfortunately has the same hacking problems as games like Call of Duty and Counter-Strike 2. This includes wall hacks (allowing cheaters to see through walls and solid surfaces) and aim bots (letting cheaters get auto head shots without aiming).

The issue with The Finals, however, is that there isn’t an easy way to catch cheaters in the act and collect proof to submit to developers. One of the reasons is that there are no kill cams, meaning players can’t see from their killer’s POV after being eliminated. This is often when cheaters are exposed in other FPS titles.

Players have taken to Reddit to share their frustration, including a sneaky gamer that tricked a cheater into providing proof. They pointed out that almost every match at higher ranked levels has included a cheater of some sort.

While the cheating has definitely become a problem and many have voiced their concern, developers are luckily well aware. The Finals team has been active on Discord, giving players updates on possible solutions for the influx of cheaters. It’s unclear if anything can or will be done, but developers plan to stick around and try.