The Finals: Best Light build options for Season 1 - Upcomer
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There are three classes in The Finals, each with their own specialties. The Light class is great for aggressive players that want to feel fast. You won’t deal as much damage and your HP is lower, but Light classes make up for this with some fun builds.

Here are some Light builds to consider in The Finals.

Light Build #1

  • Weapon: XP-54
  • Specialization: Grappling Hook or Evasive Dash
  • Gadget: Smoke Grenade
  • Gadget: Vanishing Bomb
  • Gadget: Jump Pad

This build is focused on a hit-and-run playstyle. You’ll use your Evasive Dash or Grappling Hook to outrun enemies and get better positioning. Then, use your gadgets to distract and blind enemies before running up and emptying your XP-54 on them. The XP-54 is also great at mid-range so you can escape enemy teams with a Smoke and fight from a safer distance when needed.

Light Build #2

  • Weapon: M11 SMG or Melee weapons
  • Specialization: Cloaking Device
  • Gadget: Glitch Grenade
  • Gadget: Stun Gun
  • Gadget: Breaching Charge

This Light build can become a nightmare to enemies in the right hands. You will use your Cloaking Device to become completely invisible and run up on unexpected enemies. Once you’re up super close, you can use a melee weapon to beat them down before they can fight back. To make it even harder for them, you can sneak up on them and hit them with a Stun Gun so they are defenseless as you hit them with your melee weapon or up close weapon.

For this build, make sure you’re targeting enemies that seem to be on their own. If a team is grouped up, this isn’t as effective since another enemy can take you out.