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Pickaxes are an essential weapon and resource collector in Fortnite but not all of them are widely available. Here are the top 10 rarest pickaxes in Fortnite based on how long they’ve been missing from the game.

10. Widow’s Bite

This pickaxe is from a past Marvel collaboration. But even though there have been recent Marvel collaborations, this Black Widow-inspired pickaxe has not been seen for over 1,700 days.

9. Stealth Angular Axe

This is another pickaxe from 2018 that was part of a promotion. If you purchased a NVIDIA graphics card, you could unlock the Stealth Angular Axe. Later on, Epic Games put it in the Item Shop for sale. This made it a little less rare but it’s still tough to come by this pickaxe.

8. Crowbar

This pickaxe was around in 2018 if you completed a series of challenges in The Getaway mode. It can be hard to come by this pickaxe since this game mode isn’t always around.

7. Instigator

The Instigator was only available to Twitch Prime members back in 2018. Twitch Prime members had between February 28 and May 9, 2018 if they linked their Twitch Prime account with their Epic Games account. This has made the Instigator quite rare.

6. AC/DC

This pickaxe is from Chapter One Season 2, releasing back in 2017. It was part of the battle pass at the time and could be unlocked at Tier 63. It hasn’t been seen since.

5. Pointer

This blue and orange pickaxe was only available to players in China in 2018. it has remained one of the rarest pickaxes since it’s only available in one country.

4. Power Grip

This is another pickaxe exclusive to China. Yellow and orange, it’s a striking design that was unfortunately only released in one country back in 2018.

3. Raiders Revenge

This intense pickaxe was released in 2017 for 1,500 V-Bucks. This was back in the first season! You could get it from the season shop after reaching Level 35. It was part of the Storm Scavenger set at the time. It was last seen in December of 2017.

2. Permafrost

This icy cold steel pickaxe was part of the Harbringer set released in 2018. It was only available to players who reached the 100th level of the battle pass and you also had to complete the Ragnarok Challenges. It has become one of the rarest in the game since it was pretty intense to unlock it.

1. FNCS Axe Of Champions

This is the rarest pickaxe in the entire game. Why? It’s only available to those who have won the Fortnite Championship Series. But that doesn’t mean every champion gets to have it. No, instead you must be the CURRENT champion. The dethroned champion will lose the Axe Of Champions. That means only exists.