TFT Set 8 Riven Guide - Comps, Items and More
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Riven is one of the most underrated tank units in Set 8; however, as a unit alongside fellow Anima Squad unit Miss Fortune, her ability works with a lot of tank items and makes her an excellent frontline option.

TFT Set 8 Riven explained

First, let’s go over Riven’s kit in TFT Set 8. Riven is a 3-cost unit in Set 8, with the three traits of Anima Squad, Brawler and Defender. The Anima Squad trait, when active, gives its units attack damage, ability power and Fame, which stacks health on its units every time they kill an enemy. Brawler, when active, gives its units more health. Lastly, Defender gives all units armor, and even more to its units as they taunt nearby enemies when combat starts.

Her ability, Bunny Blade, gives her a shield for four seconds and empowers her next three attacks with extra magic damage. If she has more health than her target when she hits them with her empowered attacks, she does an extra 100% magic damage. The shield scales on level, from 325/400/500, and the damage scales from 90/135/225.

Good items for Riven

With how her ability works, building at least one health item is key to both keeping Riven alive and allowing her to do more damage. So, to start, either Sunfire Cape or Warmog’s Armor are key items you can easily build on your Riven.

Afterwards, Ionic Spark is also a must-get. Giving her more magic resist and lowering enemies’ magic resist nearby makes both her and her allies’ abilities stronger. Lastly, there are a bunch of other tank items that can fill in that third slot. Protector’s Vow is great as an extra shield, Redemption can give healing to your entire frontline, and even Gargole Stoneplate can work if you don’t have many front liners at the time.

Riven team compositions

Due to her role as a tank, Riven is never necessarily the carry in these compositions, but she does function as the best tank. Either way, there are only two good comps right now where Riven is a focus.

Anima Squad

Yet again, Anima Squad is a great composition that has been near the top across Set 8. Riven is the best tank of that trait, so getting her in is key to completing the composition, especially in the mid-game. We’ve covered this comp extensively, but here are some quick tips for Riven.

Riven TFT Set 8
A regular Anima Squad board mid-game. | Provided by Michael Czar.

She should be front and center, as close to the true middle of the map as possible. Especially with items like Redemption and Gargoyle Stoneplate, you want her to be near allies and tanking hits. She might die a lot when you first get her, but as you develop your frontline, she’ll get more and more value. Plus, make sure to have an Ionic Spark on her if you get a Miss Fortune, as those two can combine to deal a lot of damage.

Mecha: PRIME Defender

This is the only other composition you can fit Riven in now that can get value but isn’t as good as Anima Squad. That one is Defender, which only gets true value in an attack damage lobby and with the correct augments. But, here is the composition if you want to run it.

  • Poppy (Gadgeteen/Defender)
  • Wukong (Mecha: PRIME/Defender)
  • Draven (Mecha: PRIME/Ace)
  • Rell (Star Guardian/Defender)
  • Jax (Mecha: PRIME/Brawler)
  • Riven (Anima Squad/Brawler/Defender)
  • Sett (Mecha: PRIME/Defender)
  • Leona (Mecha: PRIME/Aegis/Renegade)

The goal of this comp is to three-star units like Poppy, Wukong, Draven and Rell, but Riven is key to get that second tier of Defender. As for items, you want similar ones to above, like Redemption and Sunfire Cape, but getting a Bramble Vest will make her nigh unkillable to attack damage enemies.

Alongside that, if you get the Mecha: PRIME trait up, you can make a monstrous Sett or Leona stomp over your enemies.

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