Super Smash Con 2022 brings the biggest Melee upset ever - Upcomer
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Zain “Zain” Naghami went into Super Smash Con 2022 feeling very confident and it’s not difficult to see why. The Melee player has quickly become one of the best in the world, even making history by becoming the first non-God to get number one in the MPGR.

And Zain wasn’t the only one to say it. The Smash community at large felt that Zain was an easy contender for top 8. That’s what made it all the more shocking when Zain had possibly one of the biggest upsets in Melee history earlier in the Melee 1v1 tournament at Super Smash Con.

While still in pools, Zain faced off against Peach main Ryan “Wally” Metwally for what the community felt would be an easy W. But it ended up not going Zain’s way. During the final round of the match, Wally and Zain were both at one stock with over 100% damage. It was going back and forth, making the commentators anxious and questioning how they were both alive.

Finally, Peach slapped Marth, sending him flying off the stage. At that moment, Wally won 2-0.

“Wally beating Zain in not even top 64 of this bracket. Dude… That is the upset of upsets,” the commentators yelled.

Zain lost 2-0 to Wally in the top 128 before the final bracket, which shocked almost everyone; after all, he had just been hailed as the best Melee player in the world. But it’s not over just yet. Wally ended up placing 9th but Zain is still in. The determined Melee player is currently in the top 8 on the losers side, looking to work his way back in.

While it wasn’t the exact run Zain wanted or the Melee community predicted, this may be the fuel he needs to keep pushing forward. Melee’s top 8 — as well as Ultimate’s — will take place on August 14. The full schedule can be found here. Zain’s fans are rooting for him to take down Axe and win from losers for the first time in his history as a Melee player.