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The Teal Mask DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet brings its new, flagship Legendary Pokemon, Ogerpon, to the franchise. Taking place in Kitakami, The Teal Mask brings new and old Pokémon to the latest generation, while also introducing new mechanics, abilities, and moves. Among the new additions, however, Ogerpon has a lot to set it apart.

Ogerpon befriends the player character during the story of the DLC, but it takes until the end of the main story for Ogerpon to be obtainable. Ogerpon is a pure Grass-type, with stats favoring being a fast physical attacker. However, Ogerpon also has a unique gimmick — a form-changing mechanic that gives it three additional forms, each with its own typing. Not to mention its signature move, Ivy Cudgel, is a powerful Grass-type attack that also changes type based on Ogerpon’s form.

Here are Ogerpon’s unique mask-related forms and mechanics explained.

The Four Masks

ogerpon mask forms
Ogerpon’s Base Form | Image: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet/The Pokemon Company/Game Freak

Ogerpon’s form, type, and ability change when it holds one of three unique masks — the Wellspring Mask, the Hearthflame Mask, and the Cornerstone Mask, which give it Water, Fire, and Rock secondary typings, respectively. These masks give Ogerpon’s attacking moves a 20% boost and change the typing of Ivy Cudgel to match Ogerpon’s secondary type.

Terastalizing Ogerpon changes its ability to Embody Aspect, boosting a stat depending on its form. Giving Ogerpon the Teal Mask still grants it the boons of the attack boost and stat boost from Embody Aspect, but it remains just a Grass-type.

Ogerpon Teal Mask Form

ogerpon mask forms
Ogerpon Terastalized in its Teal Mask Form| Image: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet/The Pokemon Company/Game Freak

When equipped with the Teal Mask item, Ogerpon retains its pure Grass typing and its default ability Defiant. While this choice for Ogerpon might seem underwhelming at first, Embody Aspect grants Ogerpon a critical Speed boost upon Terastalizing.

Ogerpon also utilizing the Grass Tera Type is great for its plethora of great Grass-type attacking options, and the further attack boost on top makes it even more formidable. Defiant is also a great ability to retain in its base form, punishing any drops to Ogerpon’s stats with a +2 Attack boost.

Ogerpon Wellspring Mask Form

ogerpon mask forms
Ogerpon wearing the Wellspring Mask | Image: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet/The Pokemon Company/Game Freak

Having Ogerpon hold the Wellspring Mask turns it into a Grass/Water-type and changes its ability to Water Absorb, which restores Ogerpon’s HP when hit with Water-type attacks. Terastalizing Ogerpon changes into a pure Water-type in this form, and its Embody Aspect ability boosts its Special Defense. This form, primarily focused on Defense, has a lot of utility even as an attacker, making it versatile in battle.

Water Absorb is also a useful ability, as even though it would normally easily resist Water-type attacks anyway, using Follow Me in a double battle could both aid a Water-weak partner and grant Ogerpon some HP back too.  The Special Defense boost from Embody Aspect can also help Ogerpon survive an attack and hit back hard with a now Water-type (and boosted) Ivy Cudgel.

Ogerpon Hearthflame Mask Form

ogerpon mask forms
Ogerpon wearing the Hearthflame Mask | Image: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet/The Pokemon Company/Game Freak

The Hearthflame mask grants Ogerpon a secondary Fire-type and the ability Mold Breaker. Terastalizing Ogerpon in this form changes its type to Fire, and has its Embody Aspect ability boost its Attack stat. Hearthflame Form is by far the best for straightforwardly attacking, as Fire is a fantastic offensive type especially with Mold Breaker nullifying defensive abilities like Flash Fire.

Gaining an attack boost from Embody Aspect allows Ogerpon’s attacks to hit extremely hard especially with the greater boost to Fire-type attacks from Terastalizing.

Ogerpon Cornerstone Mask Form

ogerpon mask forms
Ogerpon Terastalized in its Cornerstone Mask Form | Image: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet/The Pokemon Company/Game Freak

The Cornerstone Mask grants Ogerpon a Grass/Rock-typing and the ability Sturdy. Terastalizing Ogerpon in this form turns it into a pure Rock-type and boosts its Defense with Embody Aspect. While the defensive boost is nice, this form losing Sturdy and Ogerpon naturally not being a defensive Pokemon leave this form in an awkward place. To somewhat make up for this flaw, the form’s combination of Grass and Rock-type moves has excellent offensive type coverage, making it potentially one of the better attacking forms.

Eric Bartlett is a seasoned writer, player and content creator for Pokémon and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.