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Pokémon Go’s Road to Sinnoh event is finally in full swing and while there is a lot to check out and enjoy, one of the most valuable things to do is complete the event’s raid challenges.

Players who can conquer tough riads in Pokémon Go during this event will score themselves encounters with great legendary Pokémon, but that’s not all, there are other extra goodies to be collected.

Pokémon Go Road to Sinnoh Raid Challenge Timed Research Tasks and Rewards

Image via Niantic

There are four raid challenges for players to complete via the free Pokémon Go Road to Sinnoh event. You simply need to update and play the game to take part in these challenges, and there are some nice encounters to be earned by those who do.

You’ve got between Feb. 19 and Feb. 25 to complete these tasks:

Beat 2 RaidsCresselia
Beat 4 RaidsHeatran
Beat 6 RaidsGiratina (Origin)
Beat 8 RaidsDarkrai
Page One Completion5x Dialga Candy, 5x Palkia Candy, 5x Giratina Candy

While it doesn’t matter exactly when you score these unique reward encounters, if you do so on the Pokémon’s specific raid hour, and capture it then it will know a charged move. Here is a look at the dates for each, and what charged move it will know.

Remember, raid hour events will take place between 6 pm and 7 pm in your timezone:

  • Feb. 19: Darkrai – Sludge Bomb
  • Feb. 20: Cresselia – Gass Knot
  • Feb. 22: Heatran – Magma Storm
  • Feb. 23: Giratina (Origin) – Shadow Force

Pokémon Go Road to Sinnoh Paid Ticket Raid Challenge Timed Research Tasks and Rewards

For $4.99 you can purchase the Paid Research Ticket which will give you new tasks to complete with more rewards up for grabs. These rewards pair alongside the regular raid challenge rewards, but there’s also a little extra sprinkled in for those who pay.

Beat 2 Raids5x Cresselia Candy XL
Beat 4 Raids5x Heatran Candy XL
Beat 6 Raids5x Giratina Candy XL
Beat 8 Raids5x Darkrai Candy XL
Page One Completion10x Dialga Candy, 10x Palkia Candy, Eevee Mask

That’s all of the rewards you should expect to earn during the Pokémon Go Road to Sinnoh through raid challenges.

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