LoL Debonair 2021 pass purchase errors get event off to rocky start
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Exactly a month since the Worlds 2021 event concluded, League of Legends released its Debonair 2021 event Thursday evening. But players attempting to log in and purchase the pass immediately began experiencing error codes. At the time of this writing, Riot Games has already removed the Debonair 2021 pass and its bundle from the store.

Author’s note: I personally experienced the bug in purchasing the battle pass before confirming that others in the community were experiencing the same error.

Error when buying the Debonair 2021 pass or bundle

As we detailed in our battle pass guide, the 1,650 RP Debonair 2021 event pass should come with four loot orbs, 200 event tokens and three bonus mission lines. The 2,650 RP bundle should come with everything in the pass as well as the basic Debonair Brand skin and its matching player icon and loading screen border.

When purchasing the pass, I noticed an error code. My RP didn’t decrease, the pass didn’t show up in my purchase history and I didn’t receive any of orbs or tokens. I did, however, unlock the three bonus pass mission lines.

Not long after, there was a fairly active thread posted to the League of Legends subreddit with other players experiencing similar issues.

Errors are preventing players from purchasing the Debonair 2021 pass. Riot has removed it to investigate.
After purchasing the Debonair 2021 pass and seeing an error popup, I had all of the pass missions unlocked without any of the orbs or tokens to go with them. | Screenshot by Taha Zaidi

League players unable to purchase the Debonair pass, Riot removes it from the store

While all commenters were experiencing errors, the bug was working in different ways for each player. Some players received nothing. Others, like me, only unlocked the new missions. Others, still, unlocked part of the pass without losing any RP on the purchase.

“I got the skin and the icon, but no orbs or tokens. I also kept my RP,” said user Z61.

Some players, like reddit user xadry, got everything in the pass. “Got to buy the pass, got it, but my RPs are still in my account.”

Meanwhile, commenter eos_is_dead noticed maybe the weirdest glitch of all. The user purchased the 1,650 basic pass and somehow received the Brand skin from the 2,650 RP bundle. They also saw their RP reduced, but only partially. “I was supposed to only keep 14 RP from what I had originally and I have 664 RP on my account.”

Minutes after the issues were discovered, Riot removed the Debonair pass, the Brand pass bundle and all related loot orb packages from the in-client store, indicating that the company was already working to investigate the errors.

As this is a developing situation, we will continue to monitor it and provide updates along the way.

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