LEC to send four teams to Worlds 2022
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On the Ground

Riot Games announced Thursday that the League Of Legends European Championship will send four team to the League of Legends World Championship this year. This is one more team than the three that typically go to Worlds.

Since the League of Legends Continental league can’t participate, its spot has been granted to the third region having the best international performance over the past two years, the LEC. The League of Legends Pro League and the League of Legends Champions Korea already have four spots.

The LPL and LCK will have three teams starting in the main stage and one in the play-in stage. The LEC will now have two teams starting in the main stage and two who will debut in play-ins.

In 2020, Riot Games increased the maximum amount of teams playing at Worlds to four for its best-performing regions. This included the LEC as well as the LPL. MAD Lions ended up being that fourth team for Europe that year. They started the competition in play-ins and didn’t manage to make it through to the main event.

In 2021, the LEC lost its fourth spot at worlds. Instead, this LCK earned it as they became the No. 2 region at that time. With three regions able to get this benefit now, Europe will be able to once again send four participants.

The 2022 League of Legends World Championship will kick off on Sept. 29 and will take place in North America.

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