Least played VALORANT agents of all time
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VALORANT is a game with many agents you can choose from, but some are rarer to see in ranked play than others. Here are some of the least played VALORANT agents of all time, and a brief explanation of why. All these pick rates are for Episode Six Act One, but they all have been rare picks in ranked play for a long time.

A low pick rate usually means a poor agent, but not always

To start, let’s get a fact straight when it comes to choosing VALORANT agents. Just because an agent isn’t picked much, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bad. Some of the agents you’ll see on this list aren’t the best agent to choose on the current patch, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it work. This easily transitions into the first agent in our list…


TURN THE TIDES - Harbor Agent Trailer // VALORANT - YouTube

I know this is a technicality since he was only released within the past four months, but almost half a year later, Harbor is still a rare pick in VALORANT. While his kit is useful, it only gets as much value on specific maps. His wall and his Cove ability are especially underwhelming — they only get a lot of value on maps like Lotus or Haven. The majority of the time, he just isn’t as strong as other smoke agents like Viper or Omen.

Across almost all ranks, Harbor rocks a current pick rate of 0.9%. As the lowest pick rate right now, Harbor might need some buffs to see him be a more common pick in ranked play.


As mentioned earlier, not all agents with a low pick rate are bad agents — and Yoru is a prime example of that. His kit is unique, especially with his signature ability Gatecrash which allows him to teleport. But, because of that same kit, he isn’t the easiest agent to pick up and play. That complex nature makes him not only map-specific but also just not as easy to get comfortable with as a Jett or Raze pick.

As for the pick rate, Yoru is just ahead of Harbor, at around 1.3%. For comparison, the highest pick rates for other agents around the same ranks hit as high as 15%.


Yet another prime example of a complex kit dissuading pick rate in competitive, Astra is a very good smokes unit. Her ability to use smokes as stuns and pulls makes her extremely good on well-coordinated teams, which is why you might see her a lot in the VALORANT Champions Tour. However, when that skill and communication go away, Astra is really tough. It’s not as hard to make Astra work as Harbor, for example, but her kit is equally complex as Yoru’s is, but for a smoke unit as opposed to a duelist.

Astra’s pick rate is at 2.3% right now, making her one of the least-played agents in VALORANT.


Neon, a duelist in VALORANT. | Provided by Riot Games.

Last but not least, we have Neon. She’s currently in a weird spot in ranked play, where she is both map-specific and team specific. Neon was, from her introduction, always designed to be an aggressive duelist. Her ability to run fast and slide allows her to take fights quickly, with only Jett on the same level when it comes to speed. But, when play slows down, a lot of her kit becomes a lot harder to get value out of. On maps like Fracture, Neon is a great pick, but you also need a team that can keep up with her aggressive nature.

Neon is currently at a 2% pick rate, which is the second lowest for duelists, just over Yoru.

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