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ARPGs are built around the loot you can find along your adventures but what happens when you find something sweet that isn’t great for you but can be perfect for your friend? Well, Last Epoch has some options.

In Last Epoch there are a few different ways to trade gear, but there are also a ton of restrictions so you’ll need to know the details about the trade system before you can take advantage of it.

How to trade items in Last Epoch

Last Epoch castle visuals
Screenshot via Eleventh Hour Games

There are multiple forms of trading available in Last Epoch, but the marketplace system is exclusive to those who join the Merchant’s Guild.

As a member of the Merchant’s Guild, you will have the ability to buy and sell items at the Bazaar north of Maj’Elka. Items that can be listed include normal, magic, and rare items, but you can also use this system to buy directly from other players.

There is no way to access the marketplace without being a member of the Merchant’s Guild so if you chose to join the Circle of Fortune then you’re out of luck, but that doesn’t mean there is no way to share items with your friends.

How to gift items to your friends in Last Epoch

If you are adventuring with a friend and they happen to collect an item that would be better for you then they can gift it to you. This function can be found in the interact menu, however, you need to have been with the player when you picked up the item. If you weren’t then you will require Resonances.

How do Resonances work in Last Epoch?

Resonances allow players to gift items to those who were not with them when it was collected. You can early Resonances simply by playing with your friends for an extended period of time. Eventually, you will notice them drop.

Resonances are tagged with the name of the player you’ve been venturing with and they can not be used to gift to anybody else. There are also multiple tiers of Resonance that details the restrictions between what loot can be shared.

  • Obsidian: Legendary, Exalted items
  • Golden: Unique, Set, Rare, Magic, Normal items

To use these Resonances open a gifting window with the player and drop an items you want to share into the box. This will then notify you that a Resonance is required to gift the item, choose use Resonance and that’s it!

These are all of the ways to trade items in Last Epoch as of patch 1.0.

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