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We’ve all been there. You start a new game and see loot dropping all over the ground but aren’t sure what is the best to collect. Well, item rarity is an important feature of Last Epoch, but the good news is that it’s very simple to follow.

There are several colors of items that you’ll encounter during your adventure in Last Epoch and to help you determine what you want to collect, here are all the details about what those colors mean.

All item rarities in Last Epoch

Druid Last Epoch
Screenshot via Eleventh Hour Games

There are seven unique item rarities in Last Epoch starting with Common and ending with Legendary. Each of these is represented by a color so while you’re adventuring around the map you can use this guide to determine what loot is worth investigating.

  • White: Common
  • Blue: Magic
  • Yellow: Rare
  • Orange: Unique
  • Green: Set
  • Purple: Exalted
  • Red: Legendary


Common items are the first you’ll encounter in the game and as such they are generally the weakest. These items don’t have any affixes attached to them.


Typically Magic items will have one or two prefixes or suffixes attached to them. These items can be identified by blue text and are worth collecting in the early to mid portion of your adventure.


Rare items can be identified by the gold text and they have three or four affixes attached to them. These will be important to use during the mid portion of the Last Epoch campaign.


If you see Orange items drop those are Uniques. These items will boast unique stats and effects that are otherwise unattainable from lesser rarities.


When you see a Set item drop you’ll want to look out for more than one. These are powerful items represented by Green titles that increase drastically in power when you wear multiple parts of the set.


You’ll find high-tier affixes on Exalted items and sometimes these can even have more than one. These can be identified with Purple text.


The rarest items in Last Epoch are legendary and can be identified by their red titles. These are a combination of a Unique and Exalted item, meaning you probably won’t see any drop, but can craft them from the Eternity Cache.

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