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Last Epoch has plenty of content for players to explore at the time of release, but one thing that might be confusing newcomers is the addition of Cycles.

If you’re new to ARPGs then it’s forgivable to not be cued into what these mean, however, it’s quite a simple premise and something that you’ll quickly catch onto when playing Last Epoch.

Here’s what you need to know to catch you up to speed.

What are Cycles in Last Epoch?

Necromancer screenshot Last Epoch
Screenshot via Eleventh Hour Games

For veteran ARPG players, you can think of Cycles as Last Epoch’s seasonal system because that is exactly what they are. These act as fresh servers where players can start over on an even playing field with each major patch.

Cycles are expected to have every few months and will bring big changes to the game whether it’s from balancing or with the addition of new content. The Eleventh Hour Games team suggests that players participate in Cycles rather than continuing to play their characters on legacy servers, but it’s really up to you.

If you’re a competitive gamer then Cycles are where you can make the biggest name for yourself. Each season players will battle to enter the rankings and at the end they will be locked, meaning no one can go higher or lower after the fact. If you play with a legacy character instead you will not be able to join the leaderboard system.

Of course, this style of play won’t be for everyone, but it is truly where Last Epoch and other ARPGs excel so we suggest giving it a go for at least one Cycle.

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