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After an epic weekend of PvP action, Kungarna players became the WoW AWC Cross-Region Tournament champions. Team Kungarna went up against other players from the European region plus their North American counterparts through July 23-24; coming out on top with a 4-1 victory in the final match.

WoW AWC Cross-Region Tournament

After Kungarna swept Three and a Half Men 3-0 in round one during the WoW AWC Cross-Region Tournament, they defeated Cloud9 in the quarterfinals with another 3-0 score. When Kungarna fought Kawhi in the semifinals, the 3-0 win streak continued. Since this pushed Kawhi to the lower elimination bracket, Kawhi had to fight SK Gaming before facing Kungarna in the finals for a rematch.

Kungarna versus Kawhi in the WoW AWC Cross-Region Tournament
Kungarna versus Kawhi in the WoW AWC Cross-Region Tournament. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

Kungarna and Kawhi’s final showdown kicked off in the Nagrand Arena, with Kungarna getting first blood by bursting down the enemy Priest. Kungarna’s Priest, Mage and Rogue then earned another point in the Dalaran Sewers. However, Kawhi didn’t give up as they defeated Kungarna’s Priest in the Black Rook Hold arena thanks to their composition featuring two Paladins and a Rogue. Next, Kungarna brought it back in the Tol’viron Arena map by defeating the enemy Shadow Priest despite the Priest dishing out high damage and getting healed up throughout the game.

When it came down to the final game between Kungarna and Kawhi, the players duked it out in the Ruins of Lordaeron map. Although Kawhi’s Retribution Paladin popped a Shield of Vengeance to absorb damage, it wasn’t enough as Kungarna was ready with enough burst to take him down. With this victory, Kungarna achieved a 4-1 score and became the WoW AWC Cross-Region Tournament champions.

Kungarna versus Kawhi in the Ruins of Lordaeron map.
Kungarna versus Kawhi in the Ruins of Lordaeron map. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

Kungarna’s journey to the top

The WoW AWC Cross-Region Tournament featured the top eight World of Warcraft teams that earned their place in the competition after an intense season of gameplay.

Earlier this year, European and North American teams battled for a place in the WoW AWC Circuit. Alongside North American team Kawhi, Kungarna won their respective region’s kick-off weekend. While SK Gaming and Team Liquid won cup two, Kawhi and Kungarna earned the remaining two WoW AWC Circuit victories.

WoW AWC medals
WoW AWC medals. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

After getting a spot in the WoW AWC Circuit, Kungarna fought for a place in the WoW AWC Grand Finals. This went on for a total of four weeks, with Kungarna consistently topping their regional leaderboard.

Kungarna’s victories advanced them to the WoW AWC Grand Finals, where they duked it out against other top World of Warcraft teams and placed first alongside Kawhi. This more than secured Kungarna’s spot in the WoW AWC Cross Region Tournament; there, Kungarna players continued to showcase their skills and take home the gold.

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