Jack Doherty accused of stabbing his brother, police arrive on the scene - Upcomer
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A popular YouTuber had the police called on him for allegedly stabbing his own brother in the eye.

Jack Doherty is an influencer with over 13 million subscribers on YouTube, known for his public pranks and over-the-top antics. But his behavior has recently left a bad taste in people’s mouths, with many criticizing him for harassing strangers in public spaces.

Since Doherty is infamous for his trolling, he’s no stranger to backlash. He’s been swatted in the past, meaning haters have called the police and reported a crime at his address in an attempt to get him in trouble — or worse. Now, he’s faced the same issue again and it’s only four days into 2024.

Police respond to domestic violence call at Jack Doherty’s house

On January 2, Doherty posted a video on X of him talking with police. You can hear Doherty asking why the officers arrived and they respond that a caller told them Doherty stabbed his brother in the eye. After thanking the officers for their service, Doherty turned to the camera and addressed his fans.

“Yo that’s crazy. Someone called and said I stabbed my brother in the eye. That’s crazy. What the f—,” he exclaimed.

Doherty apparently did not assault his brother in any way. Instead, it was just another swatting incident. The YouTuber seemed unphased by the incident, most likely because it’s happened so many times before. No charges were pressed and police eventually left, but you can probably expect more mayhem with Doherty in 2024.