How to visit Shipwreck Cove in Fortnite Season 8
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Fortnite Season 8 has introduced Punchcard quests, the most basic way for players to earn XP for their Battle Pass. These quests come in the form of daily and weekly tasks. The weekly quests are given to players by the game’s various NPCs and give 30,000 XP each. The daily quests give less XP but can be completed every day in Fortnite. One recent daily Punchcard quest that has stumped Fortnite players is visiting Shipwreck Cove.

This location is one of many unnamed POIs in Fortnite Season 8. As it is not a marked location, it isn’t immediately clear where it is on the map. While the name suggests it can be found near a body of water, the entire island is surrounded by water. This has left players confused on where to find it. Luckily, locating Shipwreck Cove is relatively straightforward and this guide goes over exactly what to find it.

Visiting Shipwreck Cove in Fortnite

Shipwreck Cove is an inlet that is located in the far bottom-right region of the map. Players can attempt to walk there but it will likely be outside of the zone. Thus, the best way to visit Shipwreck Cove is to do it at the beginning of a new match.

Once a player has started a new game and gotten on the Battle Bus, they want to aim for the far southeastern corner of the island, beyond Catty Corner. There, they’ll find the inlet known as Shipwreck Cove, which can be seen marked on the map below.

Shipwreck Cove is an unnamed POI in Fortnite found to the southeast of Catty Corner.
The location of Shipwreck Cove in Fortnite. | Provided by Epic Games

All players need to do once they find the location is to stand at the edge of the cliff that overlooks the inlet. There is no need to actually drop down into the water, as the challenge will count with players simply standing near it. After players have done this, they’ll complete this daily Punchcard quest in Fortnite and can start working towards another mission.

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