How to visit a Guardian Tower for Shadow Ops in Fortnite Season 8
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The Punchcard quests for this week of Fortnite Season 8 are now live for players to complete for Battle Pass XP. One of the new NPCs handing out the quests is none other than Shadow Ops, a fan-favorite skin. She’s been residing on the Season 8 map for over a month but finally has some quests to hand out to players. Out of her five, the toughest one might just be visiting a Guardian Tower in Fortnite.

Guardian Towers have been in Fortnite for a large chunk of Chapter 2 and have changed with the map over each season. Some of them are in the same locations as they were before but others have moved to accommodate new locations on the island. In Fortnite Season 8, players must visit one of these Guardian Towers to complete the first Punchcard quest for Shadow Ops.

Visit a Guardian Tower in Fortnite

There are a few different towers players can choose from, but the easiest one to visit is where fewer enemies will go. Players can hop on the Battle Bus at the start of a match and proceed to jump and land near Misty Meadows. This location is in the southern part of the map. Players can see exactly where the Guardian Tower is located below.

A Guardian Tower on the Fortnite Season 8 map.
The location of one Guardian Tower on the Fortnite Season 8 map. | Provided by Epic Games

The Guardian Tower is located on a small island directly north of Misty Meadows. The island will hold a huge spire-like tower, which is the structure players are looking for. All players need to do for this challenge to be complete is land at the base of the tower. Players will then earn 30,000 XP for their Season 8 Battle Pass and they can then move on to the rest of Shadow Ops’ quests.

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