How to use the Strand grapple melee in Destiny 2 Lightfall
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With the latest Strand subclass addition in Destiny 2 Lightfall, the developers have included a grapple mechanic that you can turn into a big melee hit. Here is a quick rundown of how to do a grapple melee strike in Destiny 2 Lightfall with the Strand subclass.

Grapple melee is easier than it seems

The grapple mechanic is one of the most entertaining aspects of the Strand subclass. Flying across a map to get towards an enemy to execute them or to run away from a strong opponent is an experience — and once you learn the melee, it only gets better.

Art of Destiny 2 Lightfall. | Provided by Bungie.

The grapple is one of the three grenade options for the Strand subclass but is also the default one before you can fully unlock and customize it. So, here is the rundown of how to grapple melee with the Strand subclass.

  • Use your grapple at an enemy target (Q or whatever your grenade button is)
  • Once grappling toward your enemy, your melee ability will change from whatever it is to a Punch symbol
  • Use your Melee (F or whatever you have it set to) just before impact to land a big Strand punch

The cooldown of the grapple melee is the same as the grapple ability, as you can do it to any enemy you hit with the grapple. Getting the timing right will take a second, but you can practice it. One of the first missions in Lightfall allows you to use the Strand subclass for a couple of fights, which is a great place to test the grapple melee.

Keep in mind, it will take the entire Lightfall campaign to truly unlock the Strand subclass, but you can easily test it out as the campaign continues.

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