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Glitches in games are usually not the best but there’s one in Call of Duty: MW3 Zombies that players are taking advantage of: the infinite money glitch.

Zombies mode requires you to earn money that can be used to upgrade your weapons and equipment as you face tougher zombie types. This money is usually made by completing contracts or killing zombies, but there’s an easier way thanks to the infinite money glitch.

How to use the infinite money glitch in MW3 Zombies

If you want infinite Essence (the mode’s version of money), follow these steps to use this glitch before it’s gone:

  1. Start up the game and get as much Essence as you can
  2. Go to the Tombstone Vending Machine to get a Tombstone perk
  3. Your goal is to now get downed by zombies and wait for the timer to finish
  4. Load into a new game
  5. Locate the Tombstone Stash by opening your map, which should be where you died in the previous game
  6. Head towards the Tombstone Stash, not killing any zombies or picking anything up on the way
  7. Once you make it to the Tombstone Stash, you’ll see that your money will be doubled from the last game
  8. Do this repeatedly to keep doubling your money

You can do this as many times as you want. Of course, it will get tedious doing this over and over again. Still, you can have a good chunk of Essence after the first few times you do this. Use this to upgrade your weapons and items and overpower zombies.