How to use text chat in Nightingale
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If you’re playing Nightingale with a group of your friends in a co-op world, then you need to know how to use the game’s text chat feature.

There are not many other ways you can communicate with the players on your server than by texting them in the game chat, so this is an essential feature to know about. However, Nightingale doesn’t make the text chat system easy to figure out, so allow me to walk you through how to use it.

Using text chat in Nightingale

Screenshot via Upcomer

Before you do anything, you need to know what the right keybind is for text chat in Nightingale. If you’re playing on mouse and keyboard, the default keybind for text chat is “T.” You can easily check your keybinds in Nightingale by pressing “Esc,” going to Settings, and then press the Key Bindings tab. Scroll down until you see the “Open Chat” option and look to the right to view your keybind for it. You also want to make a note of the “Chat Command” keybind, which is located right above the Open Chat keybind.

Screenshot via Upcomer

Once you know what your keybind for text chat is, head back into Nightingale and then press that keybind. When you do so, look at the bottom right corner of the screen. The long list of resources you’ve previously acquired will be replaced with a black chat box, which you type in as long as you haven’t exited out of the text chat feature. The game requires you to press the Chat Command keybind before doing anything else, so if you’re on a keyboard, the default keybind for that is “/.”

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After you see the list of commands in Nightingale, you are free to start using the text chat box to communicate with other players on your server. When you’re done using the text chat box, click on the envelope icon right above the box to return to your previously acquired resources list.

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