How to split stacks of resources in Nightingale
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One of the more frustrating elements of Nightingale during the early game is how little you can carry in your inventory. You only have a weight limit of 50 to start, so you’ll likely be full up by the time you start building your first base. To make matters worse, there’s no easy way to split your resource stacks in Nightingale, which makes inventory management a true hassle.

Unlike other survival games, Nightingale doesn’t allow you to split resource stacks straight in your inventory. Instead, you only have a few options available to you that require different actions in order to split resources. Below, I’ll show you all of the ways you can split your resource stacks in Nightingale.

Split resource stacks in Nightingale

Screenshot via Upcomer

There are currently only three ways to go about splitting resource stacks in your inventory. One involves dropping a number of resources, another makes you extract resources, and the last method requires you to build another object in your base.

You can see a list of the ways to split resource stacks below:

  • Go into your inventory and press and hold on a resource’s icon. This allows you to drop that resource stack and when you go to drop it, you can choose how many of the resource to drop. This effectively lets you split the stack, but one half of the stack will be dropped.
  • You can also choose to extract from a stack of resources, which works the same as dropping resources. However, when you extract resources, you’ll make them disappear entirely and they’ll be replaced with Essence Dust in your inventory.
  • Finally, to actually split a stack of resources, you need to build a storage container (Angling Basket) in your base. Then, once you open the container, you can split stacks of resources between your inventory and the container’s inventory.
Screenshot via Upcomer

And those are the three primary ways to split stacks of resources in Nightingale. I recommend simply building a storage container in your base, but you can also drop a stack and come back for them later when you have more room in your inventory. You’ll also need Essence Dust to repair your gear, so extracting resources is also not a bad way to go.

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