How to specialize in skills in Last Epoch
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As you continue to level up in Last Epoch, you’ll begin to unlock more skills and specializations, which go hand in hand with each other. At level 5, you’re able to specialize in a single skill, which gives that particular skill extra traits that other skills can’t access.

However, when you’re introduced to this system in Last Epoch, it can be extremely confusing to figure out. You’re presented with a flurry of skills and additional passive specializations for certain skills, all of which you need to customize. In this guide, I’ll go over exactly how to specialize your skills in Last Epoch and how to properly navigate the entire system.

Last Epoch – Specialize in skills

First off, you can access your “Skills and Specializations” menu by pressing the button designated to your quickwheel. This also opens your map, inventory, social tab, and more. Once you’re on the Skills and Specializations menu, you’re able to see all of your currently unlocked skills and every skill you can unlock in the future. At the top of the screen, you’ll see five different hexagons, most of which will be locked with numbers underneath them.

The hexagons represent your Specialization Slots while the numbers indicate what level you need to be to unlock each Specialization Slot. After you reach the appropriate level to unlock a Specialization Slot, decide what currently unlocked skill you want to augment. Specializing in a skill gives you access to an entirely separate skill tree for that skill specifically and offers passive buffs to increase damage, range, cast speed, mana cost, etc.

Screenshot via Upcomer

When you’re ready to specialize a specific skill, all you need to do is follow the steps below:

  • Click on a Specialization Slot hexagon at the top of the menu
  • This will make all of your unlocked skills glow with a white light
  • Click on the skill you want to specialize when it’s glowing
  • This brings you to a new menu for that skill
  • Choose any passive skill you want to unlock for your newly acquired Specialization Slot
  • Exit the menu and make sure your new specialized skill is assigned to your hotbar (click on the hotbar itself to swap out skills)

Once all that’s done, you will have successfully unlocked a new Specialization Slot and made one of your skills even stronger than it was. You unlock a new skill point for your Specialization Slots every time you level up in Last Epoch, so make sure you’re remembering to spend the skill points if you want the most powerful skills possible.

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