How to put on customized Mickey Ears in Disney Dreamlight Valley
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In addition to new content and items being added in Disney Dreamlight Valley with the Pride of the Vallet update, there were also some new quests introduced. Many of these quests revolve around the new characters, Nala, and Simba, who are the main part of the update’s storyline. However, there are also some other quests that deal with other items and characters. One of those quests requires players to get and put on a pair of customized Micky Ears in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

This sounds like a strange request, but it will reward players with 10 Park Tokens.

While it might sound like the Mickey Ears are the focal point of this quest, it’s actually a way for players to get familiar with the new Customize feature in Disney Dreamlight Valley. For players who can’t make heads or tails of this quest, you can keep reading below to find out exactly how to complete it.

Putting on customized Mickey Ears in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Luckily, getting and putting on the Mickey Ears can be done in a single action. First, you need to visit your Wardrobe, then press the “Customize” button, and finally hit “Add New.” From here, you will be able to see that a blank pair of Mickey Ears are able to be customized. Once you select the ears, you will see your character put them on.

Once you have put them on, you will be able to add layers to the ears. This includes adding a splash of colors and other designs as well. After you are finished customizing the ears, you will be back at the Customize menu in your wardrobe. To put the ears on, all you have to do is click on the ears’ box in the menu. With your character wearing the Mickey Ears, the quest will be completed in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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