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Have you been grinding Fortnite and want to enter some tournaments in hopes of winning some cash? Here is how to enter in-game tournaments in Fortnite.

There are multiple in-game Fortnite tournaments every week. Your squad must get the most points in a match to get the victory royale. You will also discover other tournaments that are just once a month or once a season. Here’s how to find these in-game tournaments and compete.

How to enter Fortnite tournaments

Ready to test your skills against other competitive players? Join in-game tournaments in Fortnite by doing the following:

  1. Open Fortnite
  2. Go to the Compete tab in the Fortnite lobby
  3. You’ll see upcoming tournaments as well as live tournaments, which can also be found underneath the By Epic tab in the Discover menu
  4. Go to the Main Menu to change your gameplay mode, choosing the tournament you’d like to join in By Epic
  5. Select the tournament you want to join
  6. Click on Play to enter

You’ll need to be Level 15 or higher to compete.

How to win Fortnite tournaments

The in-game Fortnite tournaments require you to get the most points in a tournament to come out on top. You get points by getting high placements as well as eliminating opponents.

Winning an in-game tournament can result in winning cash or qualifying for in-person events. Practice with friends to make sure you’re ready to crush it.