How to make Slingbow Ammo in Nightingale
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When you first start to make your first true base in Nightingale, you can begin crafting some better gear. In addition to upgrading tools like your axe, pick, and knife, you can also craft some actual weapons, such as the Slingbow. The Slingbow is one of the better early game weapons you can use in Nightingale, but it requires a special type of ammo in order to use.

While it might seem like the Slingbow only takes arrows or bolts, you can’t make either of those ammo types in Nightingale. You’ll have to use another form of ammo that you can craft fairly easily, but you might not think it’s the ammo the Slingbow requires. Check out the guide below to see how to craft Slingbow Ammo in Nightingale.

Crafting Slingbow Ammo in Nightingale

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The Slingbow fires Simple Rock Marble ammo, which can be crafted as soon as you build a Simple Workbench at your base. You can build a Simple Workbench by pressing “B” and finding the “Crafting: Basics and Repair” tab in the Guidebook. This is also where the Campfire and Tanning Station recipes are located.

I would try and make sure you build your Simple Workbench on top of a Wood Foundation and under shelter to give it the fastest possible crafting time. If you build your workbench out in the open, it will have several debuffs that make the crafting experience a longer affair.

Once your Simple Workbench is built, go to craft an item there and you’ll see the Simple Rock Marble ammo recipe front and center under the “Simple Items” tab. Simple Rock Marble requires six Rocks to craft, which produces 20 of the ammo. Rocks are located all around any Realm in Nightingale, so you should have no issue finding those on the ground.

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After you place your Rocks in the ingredient slot for the Simple Rock Marbles, press “Craft” and wait for the workbench to produce your ammo. You can collect the ammo once it’s finished and now, you’re able to fully use your Slingbow in Nightingale.

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To fire the Slingbow, simply press aim and then fire at a target. You then need to press “R” to reload the bow with another Simple Rock Marble. Repeat this process over and over to continually use the Slingbow.

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