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Hired specialists can be found throughout the map in Fortnite, helping you complete various quests or get an advantage in battle. But this is a slightly new feature so some players are wondering where to find these specialists, how to hire them, and how to get them to do your bidding.

Where to find a specialist in Fortnite

The first thing you need to do is find a specialist. In Chapter 4 Season 2, you’ll find eight hired specialists throughout the map. They are located in specific spots that don’t change for the entirety of this season.

There are four categories of specialists:

  • Scout
  • Heavy
  • Medic
  • Supply

Each of these categories of specialists have different skills so you will need to pick the one that will help you with the exact tasks you need completed. Once you select one specialist, head to them on the map. Remember to have between 200 and 250 gold bars ready to hire them when you arrive.

Here is where to find each specialist:

  • Garrison: At Watery Watch in the southwest corner of the map
  • Longshot: At Royal Ruin, west of The Citadel
  • Polar Patroller: By the frozen lake west of Brutal Bastion
  • Remedy: At Secluded Spire, southwest of Slappy Shores
  • Triage Trooper: South of Lonely Labs
  • Sludge: At Steamy Springs
  • Munitions Expert: At Breakwater Bay
  • Insight: At Cold Cavern, northwest of Brutal Bastion

How to hire a Specialist Character in Fortnite

How to command a hired specialist

Once you have hired one of the above specialists, you need to give them their instructions. This can be done with a single button that varies based on your console:

  • PC: Middle mouse button
  • PlayStation: Left on the D-Pad
  • Xbox: Left on the D-Pad

By pressing these buttons, you will open a wheel of options. There are follower and requests:

Follower Comms:

  • Wait
  • Follow
  • Move
  • Revive

Request Comms: 

  • Need Weapon
  • Need Meds
  • Need Shields