How to get the Backbreaker Trophy in Dead Space Remake
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The Dead Space Remake has introduced a plethora of new features to the classic horror game. In addition to completely revamping the graphics, players can now also complete a long list of achievements during their time in the heart of space. Achievements have become extremely popular in modern gaming, as completionists thoroughly enjoy hunting down each trophy to truly finish the game in 100% fashion.

However, these players have been stumped by a couple of specific trophies in the Dead Space Remake, one of them being the Backbreaker Trophy.

The Backbreaker Trophy is a bronze trophy on PlayStation 5 and is worth 10 gamerscore on Xbox Series X|S. However, for completionists, it doesn’t matter what kind of trophy it is, as they’re looking to unlock all of the ones available in the Dead Space Remake. Luckily for those players, the Backbreaker Trophy is non-trivial at best once they understand what to do to earn it.

Getting the Backbreaker Trophy in Dead Space Remake

Dead Space Remake
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According to the official achievement list for the Dead Space Remake, this specific trophy requires players to “Kill 10 enemies with a stomp attack.” While this doesn’t sound too difficult at first glance, the official description for the trophy doesn’t explain that the stomp attack kills only count on specific enemies. Those enemies are:

  • Swarmers
  • Guardian Pods
  • Dividers

The easiest enemy to do stomp attacks is the Guardian Pods. You first see a Guardian in Chapter 5, and they will keep coming at you in waves past this point. Guardians are enemies that look like they’re attached to a wall and have tentacles coming out of them. In order to easily earn the Backbreaker Trophy, you need to wait for the Guardians to lay eggs. They will do this eventually, as long as you don’t get too close to them.

Once they’ve laid an egg, you can run to the Guardian and proceed to stomp on the egg. You need to repeat this process ten times in order to earn the Backbreaker Trophy in the Dead Space Remake.

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