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If you want to set down your Estate Cairn and build your settlement, you’ll need to acquire five Stone Blocks. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t tell you how to do this. If you’re stuck, don’t panic, as I have learned how to get Stone Blocks in Nightingale.

Once you play through Nightingale’s introduction, which teaches you how to collect resources and build items, you’ll be given the choice of where you want to start your journey. Once Puck takes you there, you’ll be tasked with setting up your camp. To do so, you need Stone Blocks.

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t actually tell you how to gather them, leaving some players confused. Thankfully, I stumbled upon the answer while playing, so you don’t need to waste your time running about, trying to figure it out.

How to find Stone Blocks in Nightingale

Getting Stone Blocks is thankfully pretty easy, once you know what to do. To get Stone Blocks, you’ll need a Mining Pick, but even the basic Makeshift version will do. Once you have your tool, look out for medium-sized rocks scattered around the world.

Walk up to one, and see if the pickaxe symbol on it is green. If it is, simply swing your pickaxe at it, and it will break apart, dropping Stone Blocks. You can simply pick these up, and add them to your inventory.

If the pickaxe symbol isn’t green, you won’t get Stone Blocks from it. Screenshot via Upcomer

Where to find Stone Blocks in Nightingale

The easiest place to find Stone Blocks in Nightingale is close to water, as that seems to be where they naturally spawn. Don’t worry if you aren’t close to any lakes or oceans though, as they spawn randomly throughout the world.

In my realm, I spawn in with four minable rocks nearby, giving me an easy start to my new world. Just keep an eye out, and keep checking to see if you can break any stones lying around.

Stone Block uses in Nightingale

Now that you have your Stone Blocks, what can you do with them? Well, the first thing you need to do is make an Estate Cairn. This will mark your new home, and allow you to construct buildings for you to live in.

Once you have your Estate Cairn, Stone Blocks can be used for foundations, walls, floors, and stairs, giving you a strong option to construct your new base. On top of that, they can also be used to craft tools, such as the Simple Hunting Knife or Simple Mining Pick.

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