How to get Bone and Hide from a predator in Nightingale
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One of your first objectives in Nightingale is to secure both Bone and Hide from a tier one predator when you’re in the desert Byway. This is still considered the tutorial section of the game, but you’re not given much in the way of actually procuring either of these resources.

While you can likely figure out how to kill a predator in Nightingale, getting the resources from it is an entirely different matter. If you’ve been killing predators and not getting their Bone or Hide, check out the guide below to see exactly how to acquire both of the resources in Nightingale.

Getting Bone and Hide in Nightingale

Screenshot via Upcomer

When you kill a tier one predator, you’re able to get both Bone and Hide from it. This means you only need to kill three predators to complete your objective, as you need three Bone and three Hide each.

To get Bone and Hide from a predator, you first need to kill them using any weapon you have available to you. If you’re in the tutorial section of Nightingale, then I recommend using a Sickle or the Wood Axe to do damage to a predator, but any tool works. Once you’ve killed a predator, face its body on the ground and then pull out your Knife. When standing over the predator with your Knife out, you should see a green knife icon appear.

Screenshot via Upcomer

With this icon on the screen, left-click to use your Knife and you should dig into the predator’s body. Do this two to three times and the body should disappear, leaving behind all of its resources. This includes meat as well as Bone and Hide. Interact with all of the resources to pick them up and add them to your inventory.

And now you know exactly how to harvest resources from a predator, which comes in handy when you need Bone or Hide to craft a specific item in Nightingale.

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