How to find the Ghost Ship in Skull and Bones
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One of the toughest mid-game encounters you can have in Skull and Bones is with the Ghost Ship, otherwise known as the Maangodin.

This ship is only available to fight through a specific quest in Skull and Bones, which doesn’t appear unless you’re at a specific level. There are a few steps you need to follow to even get the chance to see the Maangodin Ghost Ship in Skull and Bones, and you can see what those steps are in the guide below.

Finding the Maangodin Ghost Ship in Skull and Bones

First and foremost, you need to be at least ship level 5 in Skull and Bones before you’re able to take on the contract that allows you to confront the Ghost Ship. However, the Maangodin is a level 8 ship, so you might want to be around level 6 or 7 before you go to challenge it.

Once you feel you’re ready, follow the steps below to find and battle the Maangodin Ghost Ship:

  • Visit The Oubliette outpost on the map (located to the southeast of Sainte-Anne near the Port l’Hermine region)
  • Talk to the Mysterious Rogue NPC at the outpost
  • Accept the Oceans Apart contract once you’re at ship level 5
  • Follow the quest marker from the Oceans Apart contract and you’ll eventually find the Ghost Ship waiting for you in the water
  • You’re supposed to only be able to fight the Ghost Ship at night, but you can also go during the day
  • As soon as the Ghost Ship spots you, it will open fire with rockets, so be prepared for a fight
Screenshot via Upcomer

That’s all you need to know about finding and challenging the Maangodin Ghost Ship in Skull and Bones. Defeating it is up to you, but I should warn you, it’s an extremely tough fight, even if you’re at a high ship level.

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